1. xchanges gallery
  2. site specific installation

premise: to exercise the friendly Canadian reputation.

on june 29th, 25 businesses who reside within 3 blocks north and 3 blocks south of xchanges were asked to lend their "open" sign for a one day installation happening on canada day.  armed with a clipboard, intake form and pen, i proposed to pick up the open signs on june 30th at closing time and bring the signs back at opening time on their next business day, closing the deal with a handshake.

of the 25 businesses:

  • 12 agreed to participate
  • 2  entrusted me with their flashing neon signs*
  • 2  agreed immediately without hearing the spiel
  • 5  lent me signs to take that day
  • 2  misunderstood the project and submitted signs that advertise their business
  • 3  had no open signs but lent out other signs in efforts to participate
  • 2  said the owner would fire them if they lent out signs
  • 1  asked many questions about the life of an artist while scratching his head
  • 1  said he understood the project and suggested i go to a superstore to buy signs
  • 1  congratulated me on the art of cold calling
  • 1  said their business was too corporate to participate
  • 1  helped carry the signs back to the gallery
  • 1  was dryly arguing with a customer when i entered the store
  • 1  was an old friend i hadn't seen in 5 years
  • 6  knew about xchanges and its location
  • 30 signs were gathered

thank you:

  1. sean&co. at acme supplies
  2. brent at budget car and truck sales
  3. dale at russell food equipment
  4. rob at styles upholstery
  5. lori at verve consignment
  6. john at discovery coffee
  7. susan at school house teaching supplies
  8. mike at capital glass & upholstery
  9. doug at dunsmuir super service
  10. warren at heat savers fire place
  11. trena & greg at mid-century furnishings
  12. myrna at godfrey's luggage