issn: 1925-6973

bicycling/pedestrianism/poetry/convenience culture/marketing and consumerism 

by maintaining the status of self-propelled commuter, under the guise of a red-helmet-wearing-market-researcher, marlene jess's findings, delivered in prose, encompass urban subject matter with specific references to convenience culture.

influences: Charles Baudelaire, John Cage, Guy Debord, radio program: Deconstructing Dinner

"Bucolic Battery stands as a powerful reminder of the clarity of mind, the tenderness of the heart, the gift of humour and the power of the senses, which can all be found by slowing down and allowing ourselves to fully digest and express this wonderful experience of life." 

- Jon Steinman, Deconstructing Dinner

 "Recorded in charming cadence, her year log observations of urban verve are frank, funny and ironic…A visitor to the inner city would get a more penetrating view from Jess' book than a horse and carriage or kabuki cab ride."

- Karen McKenzie, Monday Magazine

"This writer is someone who is engaged with the world… One argument to be made for choosing a bicycle over a car is the fact that automobiles disengage us from our surroundings. Jess describes the car as a closed receptacle that forces us to move in pre-directed patterns like cattle. The bike rider is free to detour through an alley or some nook."

- Adrian Chamberlain, Times Colonist